AEGIS HQ, Washington DC Navy Yard, Anacostia River

By DC Metro Rail, Uber, car, bike, walking or superpowers, you arrive in the old Washington Navy Yard part of Washington DC. Long ago, it was used as a naval construction & ordinance facility, then it served as US Navy administration & ceremonial headquarters, but it suffered through a long period of neglect due to environmental contamination. An urban developer tried to revitalize the area back in 2022, but only the very low-income residents remain – desperately clinging to wage-slave lives in rundown apartment buildings plagued by gangs, smog and toxic drinking water.

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Nearby landmarks:
- Yards Park: Was once a lively family spot with boardwalk shops, restaurants and a healthy nightlife. The nightlife remains in the form of bars, strip clubs and a few techno-punk dance clubs. Though not technically inside the Navy Yard proper, “Yarders” (people who live in the Yard) claim it as their own and it’s probably one of the nicest parts of the Yard. Of course, you’d still be crazy to walk the Yards Park alone at night.
- Nationals Park: Major League Baseball has contracted much since it’s heydays of the 20th century, but the Nationals still play their 40 home games (half the schedule it once was) per season at the park. Again, not technically in the Yard, the vast majority of local Nationals fans are Yarders. The Yard is basically empty on game nights.
- Old NCIS building: This building has been converted to a social service center, with government employees directing their social programs to help those in need. The entire first floor was once a parking garage, but it is now a massive homeless tent city.
- Navy Museum: This building was looted long ago, but some proud Yarders have recently recovered some of the artifacts and erected a sad little shrine.
- Navy Yard Channel: The narrowest point in this area of the Anacostia River, you can easily view Anacostia State Park across the water. The nature preserve is home to former hiking & bike paths. Since 2016, it has become a twisting mass of trees & roots – nobody really goes there.
- Rt 695: The highway runs right along the eastern edge of the Yard and sees much official government traffic, but little else. Anyone living in the Yard and working in the capitol probably can’t afford a car, and the Metro Rail is just easier to use (even if the station is a bit of a walk).

The AEGIS HQ itself is on the water, inside an old navy warehousing building.

The brick building isn’t much to look at, from outside nor in. Indeed, if anyone walked the streets near the docks (nobody really does), they would assume the place long abandoned. Inside the building, the interior appears much as it likely did during the early 20th century, down to knob&tube wiring, exposed steel rafters and the original freight elevator at the center of the structure. The basement & sublevel appear the same until you arrive at the underground drydock. There, a vessel which appears to be a cross between a submarine, helicopter and jet rests against the cracked concrete, lapping water and steel rails.

“Yup,” Acid Rayne says as your eyes linger on the craft, “she can swim, fly and sneak. Everything a girl could want, and the best that money can buy.”

After an uncomfortable moment of silence, she continues, “Umm.. that’s it, tour’s over. The Marionette can show you upstairs… Feel free to pick-out a room to drop your gear. Most of them should have cots. Gym & showers are on the main level.”


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