Welcome to AEGIS

The world is a fragile place.

Terror & greed run rampant. Many with power are corrupt and seek only more power and profit. Many feel helpless to stand up to the wicked who at times hold the world hostage, both figuratively and literally. Only a few are brave enough to fight for the people. Only a few can be called Heroes.

It is 2026, nearly 10 years after President Trump released a biological agent that he claimed would “Make America Great Again.” The effect was not what he had intended. Roughly 1 % of the population found themselves “changed” or mutated. This was not limited to the United States, but quickly spread through air currents to cover the globe (a basic understanding of science would have made that clear). Some of these enhanced individuals used their new found powers for altruistic reasons. Some saw this as a new age of enlightenment, where crime could be extinguished, but as with all power, it has a tendency to corrupt.

Soon the world was at war with powered individuals trying to claim it as their own. Some mutated fought the others and science and technology quickly developed other powerful individuals on both sides. There are even rumored to be other Alien races that have taken notice as well as ancient beings of power who have joined the fray.

By 2026, the world has come back to a balance of sorts, but as I stated, it is fragile. I have chosen to invite you to join AEGIS, an international organization who’s intent is to shield the world against the wicked and sinister. We have been following your career, and I personally see the good you can do, and hope you will agree to join. Together we can make a significant impact for the better.

- Jennifer “Acid” Rayne, June 1st, 2026, Washington D.C.

Memorable Fights