The Marionette

Living porcelain weapon


NAME: Unknown
CODENAME: The Marionette
KNOWN POWERS: Completely untouchable (high defenses, immune to being grabbed/restrained), Immunity to many things like poison/disease/no need to eat/breathe/sleep/etc, Magical Agility, Strength, Speed, Leaping
DOB: Constructed during 2016

When the world was changed, a group of “magic using” villains arose in Baltimore called the Circle of Thorns. They were finally defeated in 2017 by a hero known as The American Eagle. Sometime after that, a relatively unknown hero (Acid Rayne) routed a villain group from the Circle’s old HQ and she found a room deep underground that contained a 6’ tall animated doll. The creature appeared to be made of “living porcelain”, and was quite fragile both in mind and body. Acid Rayne took the Marionette under her wing.

Little is known about how the Marionette has a thinking (if naive) mind, but she was clearly made by the Circle of Thorns as a weapon. Her spiked collar radiates magic and could have been intended as a control device. If you’ve seen her in a fight, you know she is nigh untouchable. But her porcelain body cracks upon the slightest impact, and you’re not sure what would happen if a solid strike was somehow landed. Hanging-out in public is sometimes difficult with her, as she attracts attention and seems obsessed with fitting-in with modern city life.

(no, she doesn’t always wear that hat, but her eyes do glow a soft white and that is purple hair)


The Marionette

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