Acid Rayne

Founder of AEGIS


NAME: Jennifer Rayne, Public Figure – no secret identity
CODENAME: Acid Rayne
KNOWN POWERS: Flight, Weather Manipulation, Energy Blasts (Radiation)
TITLE: Leader of AEGIS
DOB: 3/15/1980, Age 40

Jennifer Rayne gained her powers in 2016 while working as a reporter for Good Morning America. In the early days of vigilantes, she was at the forefront of the community – using her public personality to encourage others to take the opportunity to do good in the world. Her leadership soon became more powerful than her energy manipulation and weather control in the battles that nearly tore the world apart. In 2018 she became prominent in the news again as the recipient of billions of dollars from a mysterious benefactor. She has spent the last two years assembling a team of heroes centered in the DC Metro area called AEGIS, named after the legendary shield of Athena.


Acid Rayne

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