Trouble in the Yard

Whenever I’m asked to cover a Hero story, it’s never dull, and last night proved the rule.

What started off as a typical hero meet-n-greet quickly turned into a frenzied brawl. The mayor (Judith Wilson) and chief of police (William Reed) were on hand to welcome AEGIS into the area. A few colorful representatives from the group attended and mingled with the crowd before opening remarks.

I planned to speak with them more after dinner but never got the chance. Bare-chested, mutie bikers literally crashed the party – they crashed-in through the windows. They called-out AEGIS specifically and showed a live feed from somewhere else – perhaps one of their members being held captive? (I have yet to get an official statement from AEGIS).

AEGIS immediately sprang into action, though it was clear some of the junior members had trouble. The lightning thrower managed to hit everything in the room except the bikers. However, The Marionette and a large metallic bruiser seemed to have the situation under control, moving from biker to biker and knocking them unconscious with one punch. The Marionette even defended the mayor from several assailants. I need an exclusive interview with her for sure!

After the brawl, AEGIS left with haste, most probably to go save their captured ally. The mayor’s security details also whisked her away and the police did their best to clean up the scene. Just another exciting night in the Yard!

- Johnny Diaz, reporting from the Navy Yard



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