The Canary Islands

Marionette Facebook Post

Wazzup peepz?!
Checking in from the Canary Islands:

Yeah, so we flew here… kinda. Angel “landed” the plane in the water with a broken engine, but we made it! So nice here, except for the dude-bro mutie bikers. And velociraptors… And volcanoes.

So, we’re here to save The Spanish Maine, but ran into dinosaurs and some tribals on the way. Angel said to get us out of there, so I tucked Angel and Fizzard under my arms and jumped away from the tribe & big-azz dino. No time for that.

Got to the top of the volcano to find massacred scientists and the captured Spanish Maine hooked up to strange devices. We got him free, and Molech taunted us through the speakers, shortening the timer to 60 secs. We scram and find the volcano erupting… and that’s when stuff got crazy.

Rowdy Randy (a mecha-human) lands with some dude-bro biker muties and talks smack about beating us up – I know it’s time to show him some girl-power. So, I go toe-to-toe with the colossus and eventually punch thru his armor. Being untouchable, of course he cannot hit me, not even with his fist-missiles. Marionette 1, Randy 0.

But then I’m stressin’ about what to do with the volcano and Fizzard has that under control. He spends a few minutes converting tons of volcano smoke into dry ice and shuts it down… saving 80k people on the island! He’s the true hero today!!! {{{HUGS}}} to the Fizzy!

Oh, but Acid Rayne is captured by the dude-bro Molech somehow, so we gotta get back to the States pronto! I look forward to punching Molech… Hard. TTYL!!



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