Journal Entry 1

Acid Rayne Abducted / Double Time / The Douche

The team returns to Aegis to find that Acid Rayne is missing. Investigation leads to information that Molech has abducted her. During the investigation we discover that a speedster named Double Time has infiltrated the base and has erased footage from the servers and security system. Agro spends time restoring the information and we discover that Acid Rayne was sent on a mission by President Johnson.

We investigate the abduction but are lead on a wild chase to various locations where we encounter minor crime bosses, thugs and villians who are bent on random destruction and harming civilians. We discover little information about why Double Time has infiltrated the base and who hired her only a name, Black Scott.

President Johnson asks us to head to an alien planet to discover the source of the technology that Molech is using to arm his soldiers.



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