Issue #2

The Rayne in Spain...

www.iac.jpgAs the team approached La Palma in the Canary Islands, they were attacked by several flying shirtless Bros, shooting lightning at the C2B2. Fizzard tried to suffocate them from the plane, but was unable to hit a moving target like that while the plane itself was moving. Captain Portugal said he could fight them, having the ability to fly if someone could take over flying the C2B2. Angel emphatically stated that she could fly the jet and took over. This turned out to be more difficult than she thought. As she was trying to fly through the combat, she steered directly into one of the Bros, who hit the engine and caused the plane to start to go down. She was able to pull away from land just in time and hit the water and change into Submarine mode as Captain Portugal finished off the last of the Bros. The C2B2 suffered severe damage but was able to continue along as a Submarine to bring the team toward the destination.

The Captain steered the team toward an uninhabited part of the cloud forest in the north of the island and let the team embark toward shore. Intel pointed toward the transmission coming from the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos, an Observatory on the edge of the volcano at the center of the island, but first the team needed to march through the forest to get there, and time was ticking on the countdown clock attached to The Spanish Maine.. While trudging through the forest, The Marionette noted that they were being surrounded by something, something that was all claws and teeth.

A small pack of Velociraptors leaped from the brush and were upon the team. Fizzard got pretty beat up, but the team was able to prevail. They noticed that these were indeed flesh and blood Dinosaurs, but they were all tagged with a GPS locator. Angel was able to remove them and turn them all off. While Fizzard recovered and Angel messed with these, a large group of tribals approached the team. Unable to understand the language, Angel read one of their thoughts and realized that they wanted to Sacrifice them to “The Great One” – she told the team to get out of there and The Marionette grabbed Fizzard and Angel and lept them out of the area. As she carried them, they noticed that there was about a 40’ area of forest trees that were moving behind them. Presumably a VERY big dinosaur!

They made it up to the Observatory and found several dead scientists, but one was left barely alive. Dr. Pietro San Marcos told them that they were attacked by the shirtless men and a giant Robot Man. He also let slip that the Observatory was secretly researching Alien life and technology in the lower levels, where The Spanish Maine was being held.

They headed to the basement that was empty except for the Spaniard and a camera pointing toward him. Purple energy was flowing through tubes attached to his arms. Fizzard destroyed the camera and a voice came over the intercom. The hour and a half on the clock suddenly changed to 60 seconds. The team acted quickly – Angel removed the sword from the machine and Fizzard pulled a lever labeled in Spanish that he couldn’t read. The Spanish Maine was released from the machine and the sword flew into his hand. He immediately started to regenerate and come to. As the clock hit 0, the volcano that the group was perched on started to erupt.

As they grabbed The Maine and the Scientist, they were approached by 5 Bros and a 10’ Cyborg who called himself Rowdy Randy. The battle ensued and Randy proved to be extremely resistant to the teams attacks, but Marionette landed a lucky blow and took him down. Fizzard created tons and tons of dry ice and was able to crust over the eruption, saving nearly 100.000 lives. After the battle, the video screens on the Bros helmets turned to a video of another Bro, who identified himself as Molech. He seemed pissed and made some remarks to Angel that he wouldn’t just use the tip when he met her. He then revealed that he had Acid Rayne captive. The trap wasn’t for the team it seems, it was for her.

Angel used his (now a him) contacts to charter a private jet back to the United States as the C2B2 wouldn’t be able to get back for several days as a Submarine. Arriving back on US soil, and going to the base, the team found the base intact – Acid Rayne was lured away somewhere else and captured there, not here.



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