Issue #1

A Friend in Need...

Sometimes you want to be the hero at the ready – the first on the scene. Then again, sometimes being the hero who is around means you need to go to a PowerPoint presentation on public relations.

Angel, Master Windu, Noah Richter (Net Zero), Slag, Aggro and The Marionette were those unlucky heroes who got to do just that. Acid Rayne stressed how important fund raisers like the one tonight at the Ft Myers Officers Club were for making sure there’s still money for fuel for the jet and food for the heroes. The group was “volun-told” to attend this black tie affair, make nice, take pictures and promote the good working relationship with the Mayor and with the local Police. The group grumbled and agreed – except The Marionette, who was VERY excited and asked a lot of questions.

While getting fitted for tuxedos and dresses, Aggro came across a news post that there was an attack in the Canary Islands where local police and crime fighters were called to action. This was a point of interest, but nothing more at this point.

The team took the van and arrived at the gala early. They met and chit chatted with Judith Wilson, The Mayor of DC and with William Reed, The Police Chief. Lots of pictures were taken with the “weirder” members of the team and all was going well until Angel started saying a few words about AEGIS. At that point, the PA and screens were taken over by an outside intruder. AEGIS was called out as Douchebags and dared to save a man strapped to a machine with an ornate cutlass – energy flowing through both. There was a countdown timer of approximated 13 hours. This turned out to he a hero known as The Spanish Maine.

At that point, a dozen shirtless men in motorcycle helmets busted into the gala and started to attack the team and important officials. The team cleaned up the minions fairly well – they seemed to be super strong and shot electricity. One of the minions tried to fire electricity at one point and his arm exploded instead. Afterward, Aggro discovered that they all had cybernetic implants that gave them their powers. They all were dead at the end, even though some were barely knocked out – cyanide. The Mayor and Police Chief were happy with the team and Acid Rayne showed up to clean up the scene while the team prepped to fly to the Canary Islands.

They found out that there were 2 other attacks – Las Vegas and San Antonio, also where the supers lost. The 3 other attacks besides DC, more than 30 assailants were involved as opposed to the 12 in DC. It seems clear that it is a trap, and the mastermind behind it is a mysterious figure named Molech.



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